Wrote his first song at the age of fourteen. Many years later
his compositions total around 400 songs. On this site you will
hear a few of them. The section “1965-1970” contains some of the
first songs recorded. Larry moved to Hollywood in 1965 after
graduating from high school in Texas. He signed a contract with
a production company within the first month and several songs
were recorded over the next three years. He performed at many
of the local clubs in Hollywood, including the famous “Troubadour.”

Many years passed during which Larry continued writing but not recording.
In 1997, Larry sent some songs to ” KMA records” in Nashville. They liked
his music and recorded “I Believe in Fate”. It was well received by
independent radio stations, and was played at stations in twelve
different countries. It was nominated for several awards by the
independent music community.

The next album “Headin’ Your Way” was recorded in 1998, and again
was well received and got airplay in many countries.

The album “Now and Then” was produced by Larry and recorded in
South Carolina. Again the same radio stations welcomed the album.
All of the songs (words and music) on these three albums were
written by Larry Neil Smith. He is a member of BMI in Nashville.
the vocal harmonies were all performed by Larry’s brother “Shelton”

You will also find a section of songs written by Larry, but the
vocals are performed by some of Nashville’s artists.

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